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Q:  Whats the difference between solid hardwood VS. engineered hardwood?
A:  Engineered hardwood is a much more stable product and many are refinshable more than once if need be. 3/4” solid hardwood is refinishable many many times so
they may be more desirable in high traffic areas. Both can be purchased either unfinished or pre-finished in a variety of colors.

Q:  Should I refinish my existing hardwoods or replace them?
A:  If the existing ones are sound, not needing to much repair and are thick enough to sand, then I would refinish them. If they are less than 1/2” thick or are missing
many planks and severely gouged, then you may want to replace them.

Q:  Can we install hardwood flooring if we have a dog or other indoor pets?
A:  Many hardwood floors are installed in homes with pets, however, a pet’s claws may scratch the finish of the wood flooring. Also, pet damage to the flooring is not
warranted by the manufacturers in most situations. Keep the pet’s claws trimmed and clean up any messes immediately.  It is best not to put the pet’s food or water
bowl directly on the wood flooring.

Q:  How do you know what kind of finish to use when having a hardwood floor installed?
A: The type of finish that you choose for a floor is dependent in part upon what the floor will be used for, including whether it will receive an inordinate amount of traffic. Some finishes will change color and the appearance of the wood over time, while others will stay clear. Other finishes are more resistant to abrasion and wear-and-tear.